Hollistic View Of The Delivery Architecture.

Don’t count on your customers to monitor your content. Switch to SEREEN.fetch automated monitoring and take action before the viewer is impacted.

Why SEREEN.fetch?

Monitoring the quality of service of your delivery architecture should rely on active probing. When the actual end user is your source QoS analytics, the quality of service delivered is dramatically impacted. Instead, switch to active monitoring and resolve issues before your viewers are impacted.

SEREEN.fetch is a scalable automated media consumer for your video content traveling through the delivery chain. Today, SEREEN.fetch is already monitoring thousand of streams across the globe.

SEREEN.fetch mimics live viewers interacting with your content from chosen locations worldwide. While an actual viewer can watch one rendition at a time, SEREEN.fetch will monitor multiple concurrent streams and report on any missing chunk or rendition.

That’s active monitoring right there.

Active Monitoring

Don’t rely on your end users to generate analytics and alerts. It’s too late! Complement your analytics with active QoS.

Flexible and Scalable

Suitable for any number of streams, on any network, from anywhere. Need something fast? We get you live in no time.

Non Intrusive

No app or device customization. Complement your analytics with active monitoring and proactively resolve issues before your end users are impacted.

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Virtual NOC For Real-Time Alerting And Monitoring

A single pane of glass with straightforward and comprehensive multi-stream analysis and status data. Robust filters allow you to focus on your high profile channels and locations. Pinpoint issues at a glance and replay issues with logs and network captures, with drill-down and troubleshooting views just a click away.

An Analytical View For All Your Critical Streams

Insightful TS analytics to verify your MPEG TS packets’ health. A breakdown of all your MPEG TS packets’ PIDs. Reporting of custom metadata including Nielsen tags, beacons, and closed captions, among others. If it’s in the stream, SEREEN.fetch can deliver it.

OTT Monitoring from the master manifest file down to each video chunk.

With its complete transport stream monitoring, SEREEN.fetch can be used to verify and analyze SCTE-35 messages to flag the correctness of an Ad Insertion. Coupled with, each signal can trigger an end user centric recording of the actual ad pod.







  • Server IP address
  • Connection Time
  • HTTP Response Status
  • Download Time
  • Total Content Duration
  • API Call Status


  • HTTP Response & Status
  • Looping content
  • Rendition refresh
  • Content duration
  • Download volume
  • Resolution, bitrate, languages etc.


  • Availability
  • Download Time
  • HTTP Response & Status
  • Server IP
  • SCTE35 Monitoring
  • Ad Insertion Markers (DAI)


  • Discontinuity error
  • Duplicated Packet
  • Metadata Monitoring & Analysis
  • Nielsen SID Monitoring
  • Closed Captions

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