Gain a competitive edge with automated content monitoring.

The distribution challenges facing video content providers are complex and diverse. eDigital can help your team meet those challenges and achieve new levels of success.

What eDigital can do for you.

In the constantly evolving OTT and VOD world, the margins for error are growing increasingly slim. Poor Quality of Experience (QoE) can increase subscriber churn and lower ROI. Viewer expectations are rising - more content on more devices delivered when and where consumers want to watch. eDigital’s automated monitoring services deliver the metrics you need in order to ensure the best possible experience for your subscribers, while saving you time and money.

eDigital’s SaaS leverages a proprietary AI within an automated framework to monitor, test, and validate your content presence, find-ability, playability, and its metadata, delivering a rich dataset to a highly customizable dashboard, giving you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition and exceed the expectations of your viewers.


Our Technology

Our technology is continuously evolving to answer the media space’s toughest challenges.

Cloud-based VOD assets monitoring

Eyes on glass monitoring for all flavours of video feeds


Multiple concurrent ABR stream monitoring, including manifests, SCTE triggers, and video packets

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