VOD Asset Monitoring

For your audience, there’s nothing more frustrating than a missing or incorrect episode of their favorite show.

VODSmart.ai focuses on the availability and playability of your VOD content by answering the following frequent pain points:

Is the VOD Asset present on screen across all platforms?

Is it on time and does it respect the C3, D4 and Day & Date windows?

Is it playable with proper audio and video?

Is the metadata and artwork correct/as expected?

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Automated VOD Asset Checks without the hassle

  • With its unique AI Driven Automation Framework, VODSmart.ai replicates user interactions with real devices in the cloud.

  • Real devices in the cloud preclude the need for onsite deployment. eDigital’s device farm delivers the elasticity required to meet your needs, both for devices and VOD asset volume.

Extensive Device and Platform Compatibility

  • VODSmart.ai supports the most popular devices and platforms including iOS, Web, Android, Roku, tvOS, fireTV, MVPD Set Top Boxes (STBs) and Connected TVs (CTVs).

  • Support for US and International media services available out of the box. When you’re ready for international expansion, VODSmart.ai is ready too, with the scale you need wherever your content is delivered.

Rapid Deployment

  • VODSmart.ai already covers your common needs for VOD Asset monitoring. Data for most streaming apps and platforms is shipped to you within minutes.

  • Need to check your VOD Asset Library and don’t have a lot of time? VODSmart.ai can respond to high volume VOD asset monitoring demands with fast and accurate punctual bursts.

Highly customizable reports and dashboards

  • Automated in-depth reporting

  • Customizable dashboards and widgets

  • Exportable data and client-facing APIs


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